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HIBM The Flim

At the age 30, Cara Elizabeth Yar Khan was diagnosed with HIBM: Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy — a rare, progressive muscle-wasting disease that affects her entire body. When diagnosed, Cara was at the peak of fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a humanitarian and serving the world’s children on behalf of UNICEF. After the diagnosis she went on to continue her service in Angola, Botswana, China, Madagascar, Mozambique and Haiti. Her HIBM has advanced so much that she now needs leg braces and a walker—known as her “Lamborghini” To most, a degenerative  disease like HIBM would cause limitations and barriers for the rest of their lives.

Not Cara.

In fact, when Cara first came to the United States, three years ago, she began to wonder her how she could make the biggest impact to break down stigma and discrimination against people with disabilities. Through her resilient spirit, she has aimed for nothing less than daring to cross the Grand Canyon from rim to rim on horseback and white water raft. She will be conquering 200 miles of the National Park and make it into a documentary film which will redefine her HIBM:Her Inescapable Brave Mission”.

Please join us in supporting Cara’s documentary film-“HIBM: Her Inescapable Brave Mission” as she sets out to shatter stigma and end discrimination against people with disabilities.

Watch John Masters helping people with disabilities in the Grand Canyon

The production team supporting Cara’s Grand Cayon expedition is legendary 4 Corners Film Logisitcs